Less note taking.
More connection making.

Learning happens by doing. So instead of slide after slide of presented information, participants experience, embody, and apply knowledge during our workshops.

In each session, we teach a new skill like Flop Ball, juggling, or balloon twisting which creates a common experience for a diverse group and fertile ground for conversations about topics such as resilience, well-being, and team building

We provide the framework for the content, but the reflections of the participants' experiences fill in the rest. Creating powerful learning and interpersonal connections unique to that group.

Workshops involve light physical activities and are presented so as to be inclusive of all ages and abilities. 

One handed balloon twisting dog challenge.
“Your session was a great energy boost, something unique and the folks in your break out session truly loved it! Always great to work with you.”
Colleen Cunningham, Conference Organizer and VP of Learning Services at CAI
“It was great. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a perfect way for them to meet each other. Lots of laughter and a little competitiveness, too! Flop-osophy was a great way to pull it all together.”
Ann Welton, President, Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce

Program at a Glance

Objective: Create playful learning spaces opening participants to connect with content and each other.
well-being, leadership, teamwork
Audience Size: 25-250
Duration: 45-90 minutes
Space: banquet hall, classroom, open space, in/outdoor
“Randolph County DSS Management Team really appreciated the interactive and energetic presentation that you did for us. The information was perfect and in line with our leadership development plan for this this year. The interaction allowed them to physically employ the main points in a fun way; without even realizing it. We are still flopping.”
Richard D. Park, Assistant Director/Business Officer, Randolph County Department of Social Services
“Excellent presentation. It utilized all learning styles and unique visuals and hands-on exercises to effectively communicate and instill key concepts.”
Survey Response, Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council, 2021 Annual Meeting
Experience it for yourself.
Reading a description of our programs is like smelling a picture of a rose. It gives you a glimpse but lacks the full, richness of the experience.

So let's set up a time to talk. We'll send you a Flop Ball so you can discover for yourself why they're so easy to pick up and hard to put down.
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