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When a nationally touring comedy juggler and an award winning educator join forces, you can be sure the audience is entertained, enriched, and well-cared for.

Paul Miller’s contagious energy and love of all things juggling related (even the dropping) creates a playful atmosphere that engages groups and gives them permission to participate fully. Dawn Daria’s ability to assess group dynamics and relate experiences to relevant research connects play to a bigger purpose.

Did we mention that we’re also a delightful husband-wife team? We’ve worked in the hospitality/event space for almost thirty years and know how to make your job stress-free. 

Presenters Dawn Daria and Paul Miller
“Dawn and Paul clearly have a passion for what they do that shines through in how they lead their sessions. They have a way of taking complex challenges that can present themselves in the workplace and breaking them down into simple, clear lessons that invite people to think differently about how they show up in work and life – all while having fun! This training left people renewed, inspired and wanting to learn more.”
Noelle Ybarra, Wellness Specialist, RTI International
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