Crank up the energy in just 10 minutes.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your attendees for an important speaker or need to recharge between back-to-back presentations, our energy boosts activate audiences and prime them for what’s next.

Strategically scheduled throughout your event, participants get a chance to move their bodies, stimulate their brains, and laugh with colleagues as we guide them through fun, novel challenges.  

The challenges are designed to reinforce your conference theme and with custom Flop Balls, you can be sure your event will leave a lasting impression.

Woman playing with Flop Ball
“Energizing Events provided our conference attendees with an opportunity to have fun, reduce stress, and interact in an enjoyable, engaging way.”
Catherine Tingelstad, NCLA Conference Committee

Program at a Glance

Objective: Generate energy before and between presentations to prime the audience for what comes next.
customized to your audience and event theme
Audience Size: 50-1000
Duration: 10-30 minute segments
Space: auditorium, banquet hall, classroom
Experience it for yourself.
Reading a description of our programs is like smelling a picture of a rose. It gives you a glimpse but lacks the full, richness of the experience.

So let's set up a time to talk. We'll send you a Flop Ball so you can discover for yourself why they're so easy to pick up and hard to put down.
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