Is your audience at home and trying to stay focused while tuning out distractions from within their house or other open browsers? Or maybe you’re trying to come up with creative ways to make the at-home participants feel connected to the live component of your hybrid event.

Our out-of-your-seat experiences combine real world skill development, playful competition, and a boatload of fun that can be done in person and at home - at the same time.  It energizes participants with inclusive and accessible play to refocus and prime them for whatever comes next.

Flop Balls are sent to participants prior to the event as part of your SWAG bag or we handle fulfillment for you. Our internet stream is strong and our production studio is equipped with professional camera, lighting, and sound.

Program at a Glance

Objective: Connect audiences that span physical distances with a common playful, tactile experience.
Duration: Energy Boosts - 15-30 minutes
Workshops - 60-90 minutes
Space: We can provide the Zoom meeting room or be a co-host in yours.
"Your program helped us achieve our goal of giving people the opportunity to relax, smile and take a fun stretch break throughout the conference days! We saw so many smiles on the zoom screens over those 2 days – and that was definitely our inspire HR professionals and give them a reason to smile and relax a bit."
Alison Ebner, Membership Relations, EANE
Experience it for yourself.
Reading a description of our programs is like smelling a picture of a rose. It gives you a glimpse but lacks the full, richness of the experience.

So let's set up a time to talk. We'll send you a Flop Ball so you can discover for yourself why they're so easy to pick up and hard to put down.
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